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Everything you ever wanted to ask me about your wedding day.

Nearly every question you've ever googled about a photographer; answered. Thought provoking questions about your big day, asked by, answered by April Corey!


  1. Is my wedding date available? Shoot me an email to find out if your date is available!

  2. Will you be the one shooting my wedding? If not, can I meet the photographer who will be on-site? It will be me. I don’t subcontract my weddings and I prefer to use the same dedicated shooter with every wedding if possible. I will meet you long before your big day. I also try to bring Amy with me so you can meet her too!

  3. How many other weddings will you photograph that weekend? I don’t book more than 2 weddings a month. I do this to balance my family time as well as my client work-load. This may change in the future, but for now it’s what I’m comfortable with.

  4. Will you have any assistants with you on our wedding day? Usually my second shooter, Amy. Occasionally for larger weddings I may also bring an assistant to help carry gear and set-up shots.

Background Check

  1. How long have you been shooting weddings? I shot my first wedding in 2010, although I did not advertise it until 2017 and at that time I started to consistently book them.

  2. How many weddings have you photographed? 30, including 5 out-of-state weddings.

  3. Do you often shoot weddings that have a similar size and style to the one we are planning? I’ve photographed weddings with just 3 people, and upwards of nearly 200 and everything in-between.

  4. Can we see the full galleries of a few of your recent weddings? Yes, however I do not host full galleries online as my images are delivered via USB, but I’m happy to show you them if you would like to schedule an appointment to do so.

  5. Have you ever shot a wedding at our ceremony and reception venues? If not, do you plan to check the venues out in advance? I typically try to research every venue I shoot. If it’s local and I haven’t shot there, I’ll plan a visit. I’d love to walk your venue with you as it can only help me do my job better.

  6. Have you ever worked with our planner? Videographer? Florist? DJ? Those are all tough questions, but I’m pretty transparent, so I’ll be happy to answer them all! As a raging extrovert, I have yet to meet a professional in the industry that I haven’t liked. I try introduce myself to the team before your wedding so we’re all on the same page for you. If its not someone I've worked with, I'm not ashamed to say so!


  1. How would you describe your photography style? What would you compare your work to? I describe my work as timeless, with an affinity for vibrancy. I love trends in photography like the next person, but I tend to try to shoot your images to be classic and clean so that they stand the test of time. As far as comparing myself to others, it’s just not something I do. I do what I love and that’s create images that my clients can cherish. I've never been one to stop and compare myself to others. Life's too short for that!

  2. How would you describe your working style? Do you prefer to blend into the background to capture candid moments, or do you like to be more visible and take charge to choreograph images? I am a bit of both. When I am preparing you for your getting ready photos, I’ll be careful as to what gets placed in the room. I want it to be clean and clutter free so that your images are focused on you, not the big gulp you grabbed from 7-11 on the way to the bridal suit. However, when I shoot your ceremony, I’m careful and try to avoid stepping in the view of the guests, while also doing my job. I like to blend in and be as quiet as possible. When it comes to the reception, I’ll help choreograph your formal images and cake cutting. We may do some posing for a bouquet toss, and I may even give you some pointers on where to look at the cameras or where to stand when you cut your cake. Everything else I’m just simply capturing. I think it’s hard for couples to know what to expect so I help as much as possible, without being controlling or overbearing. My goal is for you to spend AS MUCH time as you can with your family and friends, not being bossed around by me.

  3. Do you shoot digitally? With film? Or both? As much as I would have loved to have learned to shoot film, I’m strictly a digital shooter. I shoot with two Canon Mirrorless cameras (R5 and R), but also have 2 additional full-frame DSLR cameras that will be with me, just in case! I have off camera flash systems and more SD cards than any person should humanly be allowed to have. I’ll bring my tried-and-true lenses to shoot your day, including 35mm, 50mm, 70-200mm, 24-70mm, 100mm.

  4. Do you work with same-sex couples? Yes! I want to work with ALL THE COUPLES! If you are in love, I want to capture it. I want to photograph every shade of skin with every loving couple. Life is too short for hate! I'll work for anyone why values my passion for photography and wants to hire me!

Pricing and Packages

  1. What is included in your standard package? What add-ons do the more expensive packages include? I’ve tried a combination of packages over the years, but I always feel like I’m missing out couple’s big day when I only photograph parts of it, therefore I’ve decided I’m a full-day kinda gal, so I only offer that. It's important for me as a creative to tell your story in entirety which can only happen if I capture the whole day, not just pieces of it. Would you skip parts of your favorite recipe? I think not. On the flip side, I’ve got a short and sweet package for the bride and groom who just wants vow coverage. I am happy to work with you to come up with a package if neither of those packages work.

  2. Can I customize a package to fit my needs? Yes. If your day is unique and doesn’t fall into my vows only, or full day package, please email me!

  3. Do you include engagement photos in your packages? What about pre-wedding events like rehearsal dinners? My full package includes an engagement session. I have never been asked to photograph the rehearsal dinner, but I’m happy to quote you a rate.

  4. How many hours are included in each package? How much do extra hours cost? My wedding day package is basically all day. I stay until all the key events are over, not to exceed 9 hours. Typically, 9 hours is plenty of time to work with. I’ve actually never had a bride need more time than that. but I’m happy to quote it if you just feel you need more time!

  5. Do you offer a photo booth? That sure would be cool! However, I like to stick with the core of your day which is capturing the story. There are plenty of companies who offer this, including some DJs so look around. If you can't find someone locally, I'm happy to help you look.

  6. Do you offer retouching, color adjustment, or other corrective services? Are those included or an additional charge? I'm a bit of an odd duck because I fully hand-edit every photo. For example, If you’re sporting a pimple the day of your wedding, I’ll edit that sucker out of every single photo I possibly can. It’s part of what you’re paying me fore. I’ve rarely sent photos out for retouching as I’ve got over 20 years of experience using Photoshop so don't worry, I got you!

  7. Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover? Yes. 90 minutes to 2 hours away is a flat rate of $100 to cover gas and incidentals. If you are 3 hours away or more, I will require reimbursement for a hotel (as well as if parking is charged) for two nights. This is so I can available early and well rested the day of your wedding and I will travel home the morning after your wedding.

Prints and Albums

  1. Can we order prints or albums directly from you? Yes, and you should! I offer high quality photographic prints and albums. All of my pricing is transparent and listed on my website. If there’s something you want, I can give you a quote ahead of time so there are no surprises.

  2. What type of album do you offer? Do you provide assistance selecting images and designing the album? I offer high-quality leather albums made with exceptional archival quality papers in a variety of sizes and colors! I can completely design the album for you, or you can choose the images you want. The sky is the limit with your creativity!

  3. Are albums or prints included in your packages? How many pages or prints are included, and what is the turnaround time? I do not price albums in my packages, but they start at 5 spreads. Each spread can hold about 8 images for a smaller album (8x8) which translates to about 40 photos. All digital images are delivered and there's no maximum number. I’d never want to withhold your images from you, so I deliver as many as possible, minus duplicate poses, or ones that don’t turn out. You can order any time and you'll usually receive it the same week that I place your order.

  4. How long after the wedding will we receive the images? How will they be delivered? Your images are delivered via a custom engraved USB. It takes me 6-8 weeks to edit them because every image is adjusted for shadows, contrast, highlights, etc! I do not use filters or apply blanket corrections to them so this process takes quite a long time, but I hope you'll agree that it's worth it.

  5. Will we have the rights to the images? Of course. It’s your wedding! The only thing I ask is that you not profit from the images I create. If you want to enter them into a contest, let’s at least have a conversation about it first and go from there.

  6. Will we receive the negatives and/or high-resolution digital images? Is there a fee for that? Yes. High Resolution images are included, but I encourage you to create prints and albums through me. There is no additional fee for the images to be high-res.

  7. Will the images be accessible online? For how long? Please, please back the images up once you receive them! And to improve your chances of data loss, let’s make an album! Your images will not be put online unless you choose to do so as I deliver them via USB. Anyone granting a model release for sharing their images may see themselves on my website or social media pages. I usually try to give a heads up when that happens just to be 110% sure you're OK with it.


  1. When will we receive the contract? This is one of the first steps. I go over the contract paragraph by paragraph with you and hope you understand it fully before signing. Surprises are never good when it comes to contracts so let’s get that squared away fast and with total confidence that we’re on the same page, ok?

  2. How much of a deposit do you require? When is it due? I won’t cross your date off of my calendar until you put a non-refundable retainer down. This amount is $500. It covers the engagement session as well as the administrative work that is required when setting up your wedding. Typically I'd like to you to make that commitment within 14 days.

  3. Do you accept payments in installations? Absolutely. Money is money so having it all at once is no big deal to me, as long as you are paid up by the wedding date, we're square.

  4. What is your refund or cancellation policy? Here is verbatim what the contract reads: “If, for any reason Client cancels this Contract prior to or on the wedding date, it must be done in writing. If the wedding is cancelled 46 days or more from the date, the client agrees to forfeit the retainer and any other monies paid. If the Client fails to supply written cancellation, -or- cancels within 45 days or less of the contracted date, the Client shall be required to pay the full balance of the Contract. Failure to supply written cancellation, and/or “ghosting” (communication from client ceases entirely) will result in a full balance due. All cancellations must be made in writing and signed by all contracted parties.”

  5. Do you have liability insurance? Yes! I have two policies, one through my own homeowners policy as well as one via Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Some venues will require a certificate of insurance (proof) and I can provide that!

  6. Do you carry backup equipment? Tons. I mentioned it above but it’s worth repeating. I shoot with two Canon Mirrorless cameras (R5 and R), but also have 2 additional full-frame DSLR cameras that will be with me, just in case! I have off camera flash systems and more SD cards than any person should humanly be allowed to have. I’ll bring my tried-and-true lenses to shoot your day, including 35mm, 50mm, 70-200mm, 24-70mm, 100mm. I'll also bring about 50 rechargeable batteries and 6 back-up batteries for my cameras.

  7. What is the backup plan if you are unable to shoot my wedding for an unexpected reason? If I am on my deathbed, Amy, my second shooter will become the lead, but she’s a seasoned photographer too so I’m confident she can handle your day.

  8. How will you and your assistants be dressed? Professionally. I dress like I’m a guest at your wedding. I will be polished, but dressed in something I can adequately work in. A romper, a long dress, pressed slacks. I’ll make sure my shoes don’t make little clickity-clack sounds when I walk too because that’s distracting and we don’t want that when you’re saying “I do” now do we?

  9. Can we request a list of specific shots we would like? Absolutely, but just remember that shots you see on Pinterest have a variety of factors coming into play and ultimately I can’t make any promises that we can achieve the same look. Perhaps you and your fiancé aren’t the same height as the couple in the photo, or, maybe the lighting was totally different. Sometimes things just don’t translate, but don’t worry, we’ll regroup and make the best of it. I appreciate clients who can show me the vibe they like and we go from there.

  10. Will you be posting about our wedding on your website and social media? Will you be submitting our photos to magazines or blogs? I would love to use your images to show the world how wonderful you day was and how I captured it, but that said, I also value having the respect of my clients so if you don’t want that, I won’t use them. It's pretty easy to respect your privacy as I'd want mine respected. Please contact me if you think of any additional questions!

- April Corey


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