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Does spring make you want to folic in a field of Buttercups? Want to be photographed alongside  & Cherry Blossoms. Click the button below to see some examples.

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What do you want from your portrait sessions?  

When I ask this question to clients, I'm often shocked by how difficult it is to articulate what they want from their session! They know they want to share images on social media, but aside from that, many clients struggle with a plan for their images. At the same time, I completely understand it! 


We live such busy lives so often the planning of the session is what we focus on. Once we get past the session date, it becomes easier to relax. We share images on social media and often enough images just sit on a flash drive in a drawer, or worse, only live life on social media. As a photographer and mother, my goal is for your session to produce lasting images to display around your home to capture your loved ones in this time of their life. What happens when the flash drive fails and we no longer have our current social media platforms. That's why I'm thinking beyond the first step, for you

With the exception of my digital only packages, my sessions are built with the end products in mind, so you don't have to think about what comes next. Why would I want you to stress about printing and ordering photos when I do it all the time and can take that off your plate? You choose the images you love, and I make sure you have all of your favorite ways to display them. The best part? You'll still receive digital images to share with your family and friends via social media. So now I ask you: What do you want from your portrait session?