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Digital Conundrum: Your hard-drive failed; now what?

For several years now I’ve been offering client’s digital sessions and the opportunity to print their own images. As a creative, I love having the option of doing whatever I want with my images! However, after a client meeting in my own home, I was forced to rethink my own way of thinking. She asked me, "why don't you have an recent family photos up?" I didn’t have an answer. I chewed angrily on the question because the truth was, I just hadn't gotten around to it. Sound familiar?

That moment gave me an epiphany. How can I work so hard for something I love, only to feel like a failure? I reached out to others. Were they failing to display images they loved too? Was I part of the problem? I started looking at download statistics, along with reaching out to clients to ask questions. I found so many busy clients (like me) who meant well, but just didn’t have the time to get to everything. The mindset shift for me was obvious. Everything these days is about efficiency and instant gratification. When I realized that my clients were having the same problem as myself, I vowed to change the way I do things. I wanted to offer clients affordably high-quality digital prints, but also affordable products, so they don't have to fuss with them. Honestly, what would happen to your family's images if your computer failed? I began to think about the math, and discovered I have a STAGGERING 189,562 files – (not a typo) ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-NINE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO files on my computer. What happens when that computer is gone? What happens when my phone is gone? What happens when technology fails or changes again? Hello – can you access a floppy disk and it’s files anymore? I can’t. Something needed to change. Can you honestly say your memories are being shared and preserved by being on your devices? So, while I still offer the convenience of digital files, they are just a starting point. Moving forward we’re going to frame your photos, produce books and products using heirloom quality archival paper to last for several generations to come. It’s time we bring the value back to your family memories and stop treating them like they’re just another digital file in your camera roll! Let's fix the problem of you not having the time to "get around to it".
  • 25,887 files on my iPhone camera roll.

  • 86,287 Digital files on my hard-drive


  • 50,093 Client Files

  • 27, 295 Wedding Files

189, 562 Files that can be destroyed or lost instantly. Hang prints, print albums; preserve memories.


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