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Happy National Book Lovers Day

Today is National Book Lovers Day! To celebrate, I spent the afternoon with Kathryn in the Calvert Library! While we didn't get much reading done (shame, shame!) we did have a lot of fun! Kathryn is a Senior in High School and reading is just one of her passions! Here are some snaps from our shoot! <3 As for me? I've got about 5 books I'm currently "reading"! They are, (in no particular order:)

- Invisible Influence by Jonah Berger

- The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

- Come Away With Me by Karma Brown

- An American Life by Ronald Reagan

- Crooked - by Louisa Luna

- From Baghdad With Love by Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman (and one reference book on how to build Treehouses that I checked out from The Calvert Library).

I've got a myriad of other eBooks I've downloaded, (including a few best-selling books that, were - for me - literary garbage). But I digress...the above books are the ones I reach for if, God willing, I have a few spare moments and so far, so good. Out of all of them, I'm closest to finishing the Autobiography of Ronald Reagan. I know it sounds really odd to find the life of a former President intriguing, but I do. The others are engaging for various reasons. I didn't realize how eclectic my reading interests are! If I'm honest, I do most of my reading on Reddit these days as finding a big block of time to sit down and read is a scarce commodity around here! Without further ado, I give you Miss Kathryn!

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