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The Blog Project: Models Wanted!

The Obscure Holiday Blog Project

Persimmon Lane Photography is looking for some fun-loving folks to participate in some quirky and exciting (but occasionally very serious) photoshoots! We'll be looking for felines to feature on National Cat Day, real life caped crusaders to photograph for National Heroes' Day, or perhaps someone to slop down a Banana Split on August 25th to celebrate National Banana Split Day! No matter what the obscure (or serious) holiday is, we wanna photograph it! Keep checking back for our monthly model calls to be photographed and featured on our blog and Facebook page! the details

  • First and foremost, we're looking for passionate models! Perhaps you're an amazing bowler, or a self-proclaimed Chocolate Chip Cookie expert; whoever you are we hope to meet you! We welcome collaboration of ideas!

  • Sadly there are more wacky holidays than there are hours in a day, so the below list of holidays is not meant to be all inclusive. Simply put - we can't possibly photograph all of the ideas below. We're aiming to photograph 3-5 of the below ideas per month. Models will only be chosen based on photographer's availability.

  • Models will receive 3 photographers choice digital files as compensation for their time; any models seeking additional photos should inquire about rates prior to agreeing to model.

  • Models must agree to and sign release which includes (but not limited to), PLP Website, Facebook, Instagram, Business Cards, and other promotional materials.

  • Limited to one model call per person.

  • How to apply: Email us and tell us your story - feel free to include a photo! with the words "Model Call" in the subject. Please include your contact information, along with which holiday your'e applying for.

August holidays

Aug. 2 National Ice Cream Sandwich Day Aug. 3 National Beer Day Aug. 3 International Beer Day Aug. 3 National Watermelon Day

Aug. 4 National Chocolate Chip Cookie Days

Aug. 5 National Sisters Day Aug. 8 World Cat Day Aug. 9 National Book Lovers Day

Aug. 9 National Women's Day [Serious]

Aug. 10 National Spoil Your Dog Day Aug. 11 National Son and Daughter Day

Aug. 13 International Lefthanders Day & National Bowling Day Aug. 19 International Homeless Animals Day Aug. 22 National Tooth Fairy Day

Aug. 24 National Waffle Day

Aug. 25 National Banana Split Day Aug. 26 National Dog Day

Aug. 27 National Heroes' Day [Serious]

Aug. 28 National Red Wine Day Aug. 30 National Beach Day August is National Eye Exam Month

September holidays

Sep. 2 World Coconut Day

Sep. 5 National Cheese Pizza Day

Sep. 7 National Beer Lover's Day

Sep. 10 National Grandparents Day [Serious]

Sep. 12 National Video Games Day

Sep. 15 International Dot Day

Sep. 16 National Guacamole Day

Sep. 17 Batman Day

Sep. 18 National Cheeseburger Day

Sep. 20 National Pepperoni Pizza Day