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Some moments require a team; we've got one! 

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April Corey

Lead Photographer & Owner 

I'm April! I started Persimmon Lane Photography after many years of prompting by those who love me, but at the time, I just wasn't ready. The day I finally took the leap of faith to start my business, I never looked back. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't find utter joy in what I do and I hope that your experience and images reflect that. My favorite things to capture include weddings & families. When it comes to shooting, I'm usually all in!  


Second Shooter

Amy Beebe

If you've hired Persimmon Lane for your wedding, you've probably met Amy. Amy is married with 3 amazing children, and is a proud United States Navy Veteran.. She's been shooting professionally for 5+ years after being a lifelong hobbyist. When she's not second shooting, Amy is a talented seamstress and engineer! She specializes in Maternity and Newborns with Amy Beebe Photography.  

April Corey

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Photography Assistant

Leah Smith

Leah is a recent addition to our team and is currently exploring her photography talents! She can always be found taking photos of friends and family, and is an essential member of our team. She helps with gear, keeps our timelines in check,  and because she's blessed with height, she's always willing to help April reach all of the things from the top shelf! Leah, a Georgia native, is a Reservist in the United States Army and is a wife and mother of 4. 

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