Persimmon Lane Photo seeking "beautiful child" for feature in magazine, Beauty Revived.

I'm honored to announce Persimmon Lane Photography, was one of 50 photographers chosen from hundreds, to participate in a Beauty Revived campaign! This means I'm seeking nominations between now and June 20, 2018 to find a "beautiful child". The child chosen will be gifted a full photoshoot with digital images and print release, and have their story and photos published in Beauty Revived Magazine and on their blog. Read some past stories here. If you're not familiar with Beauty Revived, it's a print magazine dedicated to finding REAL beauty within. It all started when Founder Michelle Gifford realized that she was surrounded by photographers, but something was missing. She realized photographers are so much more than picture-takers. She started her mission, Beauty Revived, to challenge other photographers to find real women (or in the case of this campaign; children), to photograph and tell real stories that, exemplify inner beauty. The campaigns held quarterly, might be moms, high school seniors, children or women. Beauty Revived loves to celebrate real beauty. So what does real beauty entail?

There are many questions in what to look for in a "beautiful child". Because real beauty comes from within, I'm looking for those who constantly strive to bless others. This beautiful child puts others first, no matter what their own struggles are. A beautiful child is one who spends their Saturday serving others at a local soup kitchen or food pantry. They are the type children who spend every penny of their birthday money to donating to charity. Perhaps this child is the type of kid constantly involved in a variety of community events. Whatever they choose to do, they are doers; selfless and loving - through and through. Is this "beautiful child" someone who fought an uphill medical battle - and won? Maybe they were told there was no hope and they now spend their time inspiring, educating and visiting other children. A child who helps others overcome their struggles is beautiful. They're the little guys and gals who have the wisdom and strength of 7 adults combined! Persimmon Lane Photography needs you help finding this Beautiful Child. Do you know a child/teen who spends their exist