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Another thing I said I'd never do...

Hubby and I on our wedding day. Photo by Sonny Wink.

When I said I’d never photograph weddings; I lied. It's not that I knew I was lying when I said it, I've just changed my mind now that I'm here. Also, I'd like to formally write about the things I said I would never do; let's recap! 1) I said I'd never be a photographer. (but here I am, killin it! j/k)

2) I didn't want to write a blog.

3) I'd never photograph weddings. Well let me just tell you... I'm apparently bad at predicting the future, but what I'm really, really good at is admitting when I was wrong (err, sorta - don't tell hubby). I can't confess it ALL the time, but in this case, I'll own it. Bridezillas are a real thing and I think every wedding photographer is terrified of them and I was no exception. So much so that I said "I will never do weddings". Welp, I lied. It’s not like I knew it was a lie at the time, I guess I just didn’t realize my perspective would change so much. Here’s the thing, I’ve been a lifelong hobbyist. Coming from a “shoot ALL the things” background I began to rethink the life of an 8-mini-sessions-a-day photographer. I struggled with it for many reasons. Can I Squeeze a family of 7 into a 15-minute time slot and walk away feeling like I did an amazing job? Well yes, and no. I did rock a session with a family of 7 in 15 minutes, in extreme cold, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t stressful. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel like I could have connected with them a little better. It's not that I can't do the mini-sessions in 15 minutes, it’s just that I don’t feel the same sense of joy when I get to spend more time with my clients. You ever hear that saying “do what you love” – well I do love photography, but the 15 minute back-to-back gigs – yeah…not so much. I don’t thrive by line folks up from sunrise to sunset and parading them in; snap snap snap! It doesn’t make me feel fulfilled. I don’t want to offend all of my Photographer friends who have a knack for this, because a huge factor in this is my personality, I'm just saying I don't love it – not that it’s bad in general. I'm a talker. I want to know how couples met, where'd the idea for the kids' names come you like that Toyota Sienna you're driving? How's the leather interior working for your family? Ahh, I'm NOT EVEN JOKING. I just like to talk to my clients! Perhaps it’s because I’m immersed daily in a world of toddler boys, or the semi-pro-teen-carpool racket I’m running? Maybe. The more I talk to my clients, the better the experience is every. single. time. I walk away smiling and feeling like I've met a new friend. That’s precisely how I want to end each day, both personally and professionally. I have always been a people person, but sidenote #2, I do pretend like I don’t see people in the Grocery Store just like you do, I’m not a TOTAL weirdo! LOL! So that’s it. My big lies! I said I’d never be a photographer, and I said I’d never shoot weddings, yet here I am! I’m relieved to know that I didn’t completely know myself by the time I was 29! Life would be kinda bland if we all had it figured out by then. With any luck (or hard work, lol) I’ll get to the point where I can specifically work with couples who are just as fun loving and social as I am! I can’t wait to help couples make some crazy, fun, offbeat quirky memories because Photography is more than a job to me, just like your wedding is more than a day to you!

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