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Ornaments from the Heart


Hello friends! My name is April and I'm looking for help for this beautiful family. Vicky, the mom pictured above and her daughter Kayleigh, experienced a tremendous loss this year. Vincent Hubbert, who was just 11, passed away unexpectedly in February.  As you can imagine, this family is devastated; each day is a struggle to keep going. The holidays are creeping in, and they are beginning to magnify the pain of him being gone.  

I spoke to Vicky the other day and she sobbed, confessing that she was struggling with putting the family ornaments on the tree. She expressed so much guilt over feeling this way, as she is trying to be strong for Kayleigh. She told me "I know it sounds stupid but I wish I could just afford to buy all new ornaments".  I know she is still financially devastated after the funeral costs for Vincent. I choked up as I began to think about all of the ornaments on my own tree each year....little ceramic booties that read "Baby's first Christmas", ornaments that my children made through the years, and also ornaments I buy each year to represent whatever sports/plays/activities my kids are in.  Hearing her say this out loud gutted me - I don't think I could face  it either....I just can't even imagine. I thought maybe I would figure out a way to budget in the cost to buy her all new ornaments. But then I had this idea. Maybe others could send an ornament from their heart to help make this first Christmas a little easier.  

So I'm asking anyone who'll join me to embrace in this act of kindness. Could you spare one ornament? It doesn't have to be anything fancy - just a joyful, beautiful ornament from the heart.  You can include a card or a note filled with love and encouragement if you'd like. <3   

To send an ornament please mail it to our business address: 

Ornaments from the Heart
c/o April Corey
7110 Persimmon Lane
Owings, Md 20736 

For questions, please contact me at my email address listed below. 

With love, 

April Corey

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