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We'll have a

Holly Jolly Christmas! 

Family is SO important! If you have reached this page, chance are you're either A) nosy like me, or B) seeking me out as your awesome-fun-loving shoot-all-the-things photographer to help capture memories with your family this holiday season!! Unfortunately, I've set my camera down for the year! Read on, and enjoy some pics below to help figure out if you're A or B! 

In years past I've found myself in my toyshop (err, I mean Photoshop!) working until the wee hours of the morning. I worked around the clock to edit and deliver photos for some amazing clients...but I quickly noticed a pattern! While everyone else was making Christmas memories, I was holed up in my office working (what felt like) around the clock! I missed so many opportunities to make memories with my own four children, and I have regrets not setting aside more time for family and friends.  This year I chose to end my holiday season on 12/16/18. Don't get me wrong, I wholeheartedly love what I do, but we all need time to focus on our own families (some call this vacation)!

So, while I regret that I've missed the chance to connect with you, I don't regret making time for my family! For fun you can peek  into a glimpse of the Corey Family memories we've made since this year's busy season began! Future plans include: Getting my teenage daughter's cast removed + a pedicure, ice skating, mailing Christmas cards late, baking cookies, Gingerbread Wars (stay tuned for pics), visiting with Grandma from Minnesota, and hopefully - weather permitting - some snowman building! Most of all, we just need time to be a family and we thank you for understanding! 

I sincerely hope you'll consider Persimmon Lane Photography in the future! Keep making memories and Merry Christmas! 

With Love, 

April Corey
Wife to Justin, Mom of 4
Currently dreading wrapping Christmas gifts...
One last thing, I'm over the elf already. Anyone with me? She arrived yesterday; wish me luck! 

Special thanks to Amy of Tangled Grace Photography for taking the family photos of the 6 of us and putting up with our two pesky dogs too! 

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