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Another Holiday Season has arrived! It seems to comes faster each year! We area already closing our doors for the year, today, as of November 18th! That's a full month before we closed last year! We have had an extremely busy year and we've enjoyed working with all of our amazing clients! We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a properous New Year! May you embrace 2020 with a refreshed spirit! 

f you have reached this page, chance are you're either nosy like me, or looking to book a session. Unfortunately, for those of you looking to book, I've set my camera down for the year! In years past I've found myself elbow-deep in editing, right up until Christmas. I took as many clients as I could and the thought of having a cut-off never occured to me. However, I quickly noticed a pattern! While everyone else was making Christmas memories, I was holed up in my office working (what felt like) around the clock! I missed so many opportunities to make memories with my own four children, and I have regrets not setting aside more time for family and friends.  This year I am closing my doors a month earlier than last - simply put - because we're fully booked! I wholeheartedly love what I do, but we all have to find balance in our lives; this is mine! 

So, while I deeply regret that I've missed the chance to connect with you, I hope you'll look us up in 2020! 

Below are some fun Corey Family memories, (from last year because we are a month earlier so we haven't done all of the fun tree trimming stuff and Santa visits yet!! Future plans include: Surviving indoor track season, shopping for the perfect gift(card), a pedicure, ice skating, mailing Christmas cards (that never got sent last year), baking cookies, Gingerbread Wars!  We are fortunate to have a visit with Grandma from Minnesota scheduled and to do some fun things like the ICE event at the Gaylord! Hopefully - weather permitting - some sledding and snowman building! Most of all, we just need time to be a family and we thank you for understanding! 

I sincerely hope you'll consider Persimmon Lane Photography in the future! Keep making memories and Merry Christmas! 

With Love, 

April Corey
Wife to Justin, Mom of 4
Currently dreading wrapping Christmas gifts...

One last thing, Elf on the Shelf? Yay or Nay? 

Special thanks to Amy of Tangled Grace Photography for taking the family photos of the 6 of us and putting up with our two pesky dogs too! 

This is Us...

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