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Owings, Maryland - Home of Persimmon Lane Farm 

April Corey, Owner

Tel: 443.975.8197

We aren't creepy, but feel free to read our Privacy Policy.
Persimmon Lane Photography, LLC. is a registered business in the State of Maryland.


Persimmon Lane is home; my home. It's mud-pies, tire swings, and tree climbing. It's the place where my boys (and girl) run and play; it's where we call home. You can regularly witness our Golden Retriever mutt (named Fetch) chasing squirrels or Ruby,  our Aussie, catching (or should I say attempting to catch) a Frisbee. If you've been here for a photo session, you know that my cats, Tom and Lucky, hang around and greet everyone with a meandering curiosity. During the summer, you'll find my husband on his mower. With 5 acres, it's quite the hobby for him. I love planting flowers and laying in the hammock every chance I get! Occasionally we will sit around the bonfire and do absolutely nothing...and if I'm honest - I live for those moments with my family because like most busy large families, those moments are few and far between. Psst...we've also had a few small weddings here (it's one of our best kept secrets and it's a gem of a location!)

This farmhouse, built in 1920, felt like a pipe dream. We never thought we would find an affordable gem of a home in such a sweet, loving, generous community. We searched and searched for a home with a "bigger yard" and spent 3 years tirelessly looking at homes in planned neighborhoods. Our plan got derailed twice when our two youngest boys were both born at 29 weeks - Eighteen months apart. Still, we held onto the dream of "a house with a bigger yard" and eventually we found our path. We always wanted neighbors, but also craved space for our kids to run and play, so the minute I saw this home, I just knew it was meant to be. I fight back tears every time I think about it. If you know about Justin and I, you know that we spend a lot of time sprucing up the property and home to make it our own. We cherish our home and I am always proud to welcome my clients to share a little piece of our happiness when they visit. If you want to take a deeper dig into our renovations and see what we've accomplished here at Persimmon Lane, you can join this Facebook Group. I wanted a simple way to upload photos to share. 

The final thing you should know about Persimmon Lane is that living here inspired me to finally take the leap of faith to “officially” become a photographer; though I’ve held a camera in my hand ever since I can remember. I am still constantly in awe of the beauty of this place. From the red sun-faded barn, long sprawling white fences and a tall line of trees skirting the property - it's the epitome of home. In early spring, we have a 10 foot wall of bright yellow forsythia bushes blooming, followed by cherry blossoms that softly drape the setting sun. We have a Weeping Willow tree (with a family of owls who live in it), 3 tire swings and a Sycamore tree that has a base as large as a truck! You can frequently see deer, groundhogs, wild turkeys and Red Hawks on the property! The horse pastures tumble over with millions of buttercups in spring, and there are spots on the property that are just waiting to be discovered. It's a place of wonder, and you'll never get scurried away like at a local park, we can take as long as we need. I’m excited to explore creative possibilities and my favorite part is meeting new friends along the way, so welcome to our home.