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What is a traditional mini-session?
Many clients will look forward to a mini-session at various times throughout the year as they’ve made their way into a staple of photographers everywhere. They are a great way for clients to save money, and for Photographers to earn their “regular” income by scheduling multiple sessions within a short interval of time. For example, you may have a 15-minute time slot and somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-5 finished photos. In theory this is the best of both worlds for both professional photographers and clients alike and everyone should be happy right? Not always! 

Why we aren’t doing traditional minis…
I’m being honest when I say this; I’ve come to loathe the mini-session process. Every photographer wants their clients to have the best outcome, but mini-sessions don't leave me feeling 100%. I want EVERY client to feel like they’re afforded a day that works for their family. I also want clients to STOP STRESSING about children who may not cooperate during their session. It's not ideal to have small children in a 15 minute slot and yield the best possible results. I'm too invested in your experience for these scenarios to occur. After all, what happens when your child is crying for 10 minutes and the next family is lined up waiting their turn? Your child inevitably has red swollen features and everyone is left feeling rushed, overwhelmed and deflated. Don’t you want more from your family photo session?  

Our regular mini-session is a better way!
At Persimmon Lane Photography, we’re doing things differently for your benefit. When you reach out to schedule a session, we’ll go over the dates and times that are open, and you choose what works for you. I can’t promise you’ll be the ONLY session on any given day, but you certainly won’t have the stress of another family waiting. There are no one-size-fits-all dates here! Remember that 1 o'clock mini-session that you reluctantly booked; you know the one that fell during nap time?! Our mini and full sessions may have a time increment, but if it takes longer, no worries; we got the extra time! 

I’ve been in your shoes!
 As a consumer I’ve rushed around frantically trying to get my family ready, arrive at our location all in one pieces so that we can fit into a small “window”. While I cherish photos we’ve taken using this process, I don’t have fond memories of how exhausting it was to create them! Investing in a session is more than just the cost, it’s the ability to alleviate your worries from the process. I’ve yet to meet a client who didn’t appreciate being able to ease up and relax a bit more during our session!  

Ready to book?
 I have a some dates in November and we're booking up to December 15th.  After December 15th I will be taking time off to spend with my family for the Holidays! (Some pictures below!) 

Contact me! or Call 443.975.8197  Pricing information found here.


April Corey

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