Are we a good fit? 

I know it seems silly to ask yourself if you are the right fit for ME, your photographer, but let me explain. Most my life has centered around my passion for photography, and my drive to create comes from a place of love! If I couldn't be a photographer, simply put - my life would be incomplete. For this reason, I try to think carefully about the couples that I work with each year, in hopes that they are passionate too!  I hope you understand that when I pull out my camera, it's so much more than taking your photographs. This is a huge moment for you, so shouldn't you click with the person doing the clicking? I think so! 

Are you a Persimmon Lane couple? 

A Persimmon Lane couple cherishes one another. You value your relationship and above all you understand that your big day is important because it is the next step in solidifying your commitment to each other. You're eager to begin your lives together, and the details of your day matter! This will be your first day of marriage, so you're striving for perfection! I totally get that! You may not yet have a complete vision is for your day, but you certainly value the details! We understand the value of capturing your first day of marriage and we know that photographing a wedding is so much more than some just showing up with some gear for a date circled on a calendar!  We will work together in the months leading up to your big day, and afterwards as you're eager to receive your images. Simply put, we're going to be spending a lot of time together so I hope we are a good fit! 

How will you help me plan my day? 

We will have our initial meeting to read over the contract. Next, we'll plan your engagement session (read more about that here) Then, about one-month prior to the wedding, we'll get together and we will develop your personalized timeline. A timeline is important to keep everything from getting rushed on the big day. I want to be sure you have the time you need for the photographs you want, and I want to also be sure that your guests feel like they were close to you on your big day, and that requires planning!  We'll talk about each person in your wedding party; specifically what makes them special to you? We'll go over and create a list of groups for your ultimate shot-list, and when I say shot-list, I don't mean the things like "a photo of me with my bridesmaid" but those shots are a given. You might find an internet template helpful, but the shotslist we need is the one that makes sure nobody is left out. We need to talk about  the people in your life that matter most and how you plan to include them on your day. What I want to hear is, "I need a photo with my Great Aunt Tess because I never got to meet my Grandma but Aunt Tess is the closest thing I have." Those things will never come from a template you'll find online! And sometimes there are guests at weddings who don't exactly get along (awkward understatement for sure), but we'll talk about that too. By understanding you, and your unique relationships, I can help you plan for a stress free day!

Last of all, please understand that I'll do my very best to meet with you as many times as it takes to help get you through it all! I want you to feel confident in the process, and know that I'm truly here for you! 

What is our style? 

Lovely! We like to think that our style is classic and lovely! We strive for vibrant images, that look realistic and timeless. We'd like your images to stand the test of time, not getting caught up on trends! We appreciate and admire current editing trends, but ultimately we know that light & airy and dark & moody styles won't always be in fashion! As for our shooting style? I'll aim to document your day as it unfolds, but we will NOT leave you feeling directionless when it comes to capturing images! I will also work with you to produce poses that you hold close to your heart, (but not copying them!) Please know that you're hiring us to document your day in an effortless way, which means ironing out your vision prior to. Believe it or not, so me of the most candid shots involve a lot of posing and prompting! I'll help direct you during your engagement session, and formal bridal portraits, as well as any point in time when you feel like you're struggling with how to stand/pose. But don't worry, there will be plenty of time in the day where I stay out of your way and capture your love! We want to capture bright eyes, laughs and the unforgettable facial expressions, as well as the family and friends you love! 

You'll receive high-quality color, and black and white digital images as your finished product. You'll be able to order prints and wall art from my lab, at reasonable prices which come with a quality guarantee. I recommend using my lab, though you'll have the option of using an outside lab, however I cannot guarantee the outcome of prints at outside labs. Any prints, canvases, photo albums or wall art will be priced separately. Any other artwork or orders will be priced according to vendor rates  at time of order. Each wedding includes a full 8 hours of coverage. We already know how stressful a wedding can be, so we aren't a huge fan of short timeframes! Most weddings will include a second shooter, with the exception of our vow-only package. A second shooter will assist at capturing your day from another angle, and gives us the ability to deliver a wide variety of photographs; we don't want to miss anything! For larger weddings, there may be an assistant present. If there's something specific you're looking to be included in your day, please let us know so we can discuss it.

What's included in a wedding package?

When can I expect my images? 

The standard turn-around time is 8 weeks. Occasionally images may take longer, but we will communicate the time frame to you the day of your wedding. We strive for consistency of your images, and because of this we typically do not include sneak peeks - but sometimes we get so excited we can't wait to post a few images!  There maybe a teaser of your images posted once the gallery is completed, so please feel free to share the teaser to your personal social media pages.  If you do not wish for any of your images to be share, please let me know at your session! (We will discuss this at your session).

How are my images delivered? 

With the exception of the vow package, galleries are delivered in a personalized linen box & inscribed 3.0 USB flash drive. After images are delivered, we strongly recommend that you save your images to several places and/or devices. Persimmon Lane Photography is not responsible for lost images once they have been delivered. 

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